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Welcome to the City of St. Albert Property Information Search

Using this FREE service you can view and print Property Assessments and Legal Property Descriptions.
Pop-up blocking software must be disabled to use this service.For further instructions, please use the help tab at the top of each screen.

While the City of St Albert provides the information contained within the following pages in good faith, it does not warrant, covenant, or guarantee the completeness and accuracy of this information. The City is not liable for damages or losses that may result from the use of or reliance upon information accessed through this website.

View a Property Assessments Report
  • Under the Search tab look for the properties by Civic Address, Folio or by Plan Number.
  • Select the checkbox for the properties that you want and hit the "Add to Selection List" button.
  • Under the Selection List tab, you may review your selection and remove any properties that you do not want.
  • Once you have selected the properties you want, you can select the Reports tab to create a free Assessment Report. This report will contain the legal description, assessment and year built for all of the properties on your selection list.
Map Services have been temporarily disabled

The City of St. Albert is in the process of replacing our old property mapping service with a new one that will be available soon. The mapping feature has been disabled until the new service is ready for release, however other features of this website remain active. Thanks for your patience while we improve our services!

Tax Certificates (for registered users only)

Registered web customer account users may also view and print Tax Certificates and make online payments to their Tax Certificate Deposit Account. To access these services, please use the Login Feature. The Tax Certificate option will then appear on the Reports tab. Follow the above directions to locate the required property. A fee for each Tax Certificate is debited from your deposit account.

To open a web customer account, contact the City of St. Albert Taxation Department at 780-459-1516.


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